Autobahn Buttons

With the theme update to Version 1.5 shiny new button styles were included in the theme styles:

The XXL Button

Xtra Xtra Large / Font Size: 24px

XXL Button: Get Genesis

<a class="ab-button xxl" href="">XXL Button: Get Genesis</a>

The XL Button

Xtra Large / Font Size: 21px

XL Button: Get GenesisConnect

<a class="ab-button xl" href="">XL Button: Get GenesisConnect</a>

The Large Button

Font Size: 18px

Large Button: Download Autobahn

<a class="ab-button large" href="">Large Button: Download Autobahn</a>

The Medium Button

Font Size: 14px

Medium Button: Autobahn BuddyPress

<a class="ab-button medium" href="">Medium Button: Autobahn BuddyPress</a>

The small Button

Font Size: 12px

Small Button: Autobahn bbPress

<a class="ab-button small" href="">Small Button: Autobahn bbPress</a>

» The Autobahn Theme runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

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About David Decker

WordPress enthusiast from Germany (state Saxony). Proud Genesis Framework user and translator of the German language files for Genesis (and lot of WP plugins already). Founder of DECKERWEB in 2000. I enjoy riding on my bike, tons of great music from all over the world and a strong tasty German coffee. For more, follow me @deckerweb or on Facebook and check out my blog (German mostly, though :).

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