Enjoy Your Ride!

Enjoy Your Ride!

Enjoy Your Ride! (foto © by deckerweb)

DECKERWEB is happy to announce the release of the Autobahn Child Theme for the Genesis Framework in June 2011! It’s just a little blog theme for Genesis. It focuses mainly on its color scheme and font combination. It’s a fast, robust, simple and somewhat clean theme to get you started.

This Child Theme is free to use on every site you want! Private, commercial, non-profit, there are no limits. And yes, it’s FREE, of course!

I am so excited about the Genesis Framework that I wanted to learn more with the framework and GIVE something BACK back to the AWESOME rocking Genesis community! So I decided just to create some theme for release. That’s the best learning curve one can get, I guess :-).

Updates, August, September & October of 2011: Just revamped the theme to versions from 1.2 to 1.5 :). Some more useful features/fixings, just see the changelog below. — Have even more fun and ENJOY YOUR ride!

Features of the Autobahn Child Theme:

All of these Genesis Standards:

  • 6 Layout Options
  • Fantastic SEO Options built-in
  • Theme Options
  • 7 built-in powerful widgets, including Featured Posts & Featured Page
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Header
  • Custom Menus (WP Nav Menus)
  • Featured Images/ Post Thumbnails
  • Footer Widgets
  • Threaded Comments
  • Up to 6 Column Classes
  • CSS Styling for “Gravity Forms” Plugin

PLUS these Autobahn Bonus Features:

  • Homepage with automatic option for simple Grid Loop (3 Featured Posts and 4 Grid Posts in 2 Columns) OR a simple widget area (if no widgets are active there it falls back to grid loop or standard loop!)
  • Landing Page Template [Demo]
  • A Widget Page Template – for one widgetized page! (with fallback if no widget active there!) [Demo]
  • A Slider Widget Page Template – for one full-width widgetized page! (with fallback if no widget active there!), perfectly for the new “Genesis Slider” Plugin [since v1.2] [Demo]
  • Search Not Found – Widgetized Area (with fallback if no widget active there!) (for demoing: just type in some crazy letters in the search field, on right top corner of the sidebar) [since v1.2]
  • 404 Page Widgetized (with fallback if no widget active there!) [Demo]
  • Image/ Gallery attachment template (image.php) – like recommended from WordPress Codex [since v1.1] — Also with advanced image navigation (prev/next) [since v1.2] [Demo]
  • Custom Header fallback function (for better resetting to default display)
  • Pre-installed Genesis Box on single posts – great for your affiliate marketing (you can easily disable this by tweaking one little line in the theme’s functions file) [Demo – scroll down …]
  • Use of (sans-serif) Google Webfonts “Nunito” (regular variant) and “PT Sans” (in regular, italic and bold variants for all text/content needings)
  • Various CSS styles for info boxes (notes, alerts, etc.) [Demo]
  • Autobahn Buttons styles for CSS Buttons in 5 different sizes (XXL, XL, L, M, S) [since v1.5] [Demo]
  • CSS Styling support for the nextpage tag in pages or posts (<!--nextpage-->) [since v1.3] [Demo: page & blog post]
  • Included print stylesheet (print.css) for easy printing and removing unneeded elements [since v1.1]
  • Full styling support for BuddyPress 1.5+ – enabled via GenesisConnect Plugin for Genesis [since v1.5] [Demo]
  • Full styling support for bbPress 2.x Forum Plugin [since v1.5] [Demo]
  • Stylesheet header defaults to latest WP Theme Review Guidelines
  • Use of .gallery-caption class and dummy for .bypostauthor class to catch up with latest WP Theme Review Guidelines
  • Basic or advanced styling of the most common HTML Elements!
  • Stylesheet for visual editor! (also to catch up with latest WP Theme Review Guidelines)
  • Theme comes completely localized, .pot file and English language pack included as an example.
  • Basic CSS Styling Support for these very useful Plugins:
  • And last but not least, Autobahn is Made in Germany (plus: developed on Ubuntu :)

Oh yeah, this theme DOESN’T have ANY Sliders or Shortcode IN it ;-). Did I mention it should be fast?! Maybe it’s reminding me of Autobahn, Autobahn, Autobahn … (Uhm, ok, it only supports one slider, from Genesis ecosystem of course :).


The Child Theme is released under the GPL License like WordPress itself.
· License: GNU General Public License v2.0
· License URI: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php


1.5 (2011-10-12)

  • Autobahn now BuddyPress compatible (via GenesisConnect): added buddypress.css file
  • Autobahn now bbPress compatible (via bbPress 2.0+ plugin): added CSS styles
  • Further improved CSS styling for “Genesis Tabs” Plugin, better fitting theme outfit :)
  • Added CSS styles for buttons in 5 sizes
  • Added Text-Highlighting style to regular stylesheet and visual editor stylesheet
  • Further updated & improved print stylesheet
  • Added changelog file to the download package (changelog.txt)

1.4.1 (2011-09-27)

  • Improved CSS styling for “Genesis Tabs” Plugin
  • Improved versioning of the enqueed print stylesheet
  • Updated README.txt file for Genesis Slider v0.9.5

1.4 (2011-09-23)

  • Added CSS styling support for the newly released “Genesis Tabs” Plugin
  • Improved the custom header fallback function to finally fully embrace the default theme design and custom user settings
  • Added tooltips to all links of the Genesis Affiliate Box
  • Various php and css code improvements in the theme (all php and css files) to support proven code standards, code documentation and WordPress guidelines to the highest possible extend
  • Added workaround for grid loop on homepage (home.php) to be compatible with new “AgentPress Listings” plugin – thanx to Ron! @wpmuguru
  • Updated & improved print stylesheet
  • Added default values for the Slider Plugin Demo to the README.txt file

1.3 (2011-08-24)

  • Added CSS styling for <!--nextpage--> tag – pagination of posts and pages
  • Added “More” tag string text and link when using regular WordPress excerpts
  • Added info message after activating the theme
  • Added another CSS styling for MapPress support: now with soft border and rounded corners to fit with the rest of the theme :)
  • Bugfix for “Search not found”: now properly displays the standard text when no widget is active
  • Updated the theme’s langue files (including the .pot file) with the new strings

1.2 (2011-08-04)

  • Added advanced image navigation (prev/next) to the image template
  • Added CSS styling support for the newly released “Genesis Slider” Plugin
  • Added widgetized area for “search not found” results (just the same principle as for the 404 Page widget)
  • Added new page template “Slider Widget Page”, a full-width widgetized template ideal for the ‘Genesis Slider’
  • Some CSS optimizations
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Updated/ added stylesheet theme info & tags
  • Updated the theme’s langue files (including the .pot file)
  • Updated the theme’s README.txt file

1.1.2 (2011-07-03)

  • Added CSS styling for comments of blog post authors (.bypostauthor)

1.1 (2011-06-26)

1.0 (2011-06-10)

  • Initial release


  • Genesis Framework 1.7+ – fully compatible with Genesis 1.8+
  • WordPress 3.2+ – fully compatible with WordPress 3.3+ and 3.4+
  • In general: where Genesis runs so will Autobahn ;-)
  • Optional: to run with BuddyPress, these versions are required: WordPress 3.2+, BuddyPress 1.5+, Genesis 1.7+, GenesisConnect 1.1+

Tested on Windows with:
· Windows 7: IE 9 / Firefox 4.0.1 – 13
· Windows Vista: IE 9, Firefox 4.0+
· Windows XP: IE 8 / Firefox 4.0.1 – 13 / Safari 5.0.4 / Google Chrome 11-19 (stable) / Opera 11.11 – 11.60 (stable)

Tested on Linux with:
· Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise): Firefox 12 – 13 / Google Chrome 18 – 20 Beta / Opera 11.60 (stable) / Midori 0.4.6
· Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric): Firefox 4.0.1 – 9.0.1 / Google Chrome 12-17 Beta / Opera 11.60 (stable) / Midori 0.4
· Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick): Firefox 3.6.17+ / Google Chrome 12-15 Beta / Opera 11.50 – 11.51 (stable) / Midori 0.4 & 0.3 / Epiphany 2.30.2 / Konqueror 4.5.5

» The Autobahn Theme runs on the Genesis Framework

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About David Decker

WordPress enthusiast from Germany (state Saxony). Proud Genesis Framework user and translator of the German language files for Genesis (and lot of WP plugins already). Founder of DECKERWEB in 2000. I enjoy riding on my bike, tons of great music from all over the world and a strong tasty German coffee. For more, follow me @deckerweb or on Facebook and check out my blog (German mostly, though :).

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